Will U.S. Tech Jobs Turn All-Indian? The H1B Visa Dilemma

By Stephan Manning.

Skilled immigration is one of the most controversial topics in the current presidential election race as political scientist Ron Hira points out in his latest Conversation article. At the core of this debate are H1B visas which allow U.S. employers to sponsor the temporary recruitment of skilled workers from abroad, particularly in so-called STEM* professions. Currently, U.S. law permits 85,000 H1B visas to be issued every year. In theory, this visa program allows for labor market flexibility in response to domestic skill shortages. In practice, H1B visas have increasingly been used to employ skilled foreign workers for lower costs, primarily from India. While H1B visas have certainly helped create tech positions at home rather than offshore, Thousands of U.S. employees have been replaced in the process and forced to train those taking their jobs. Facing this dilemma, presidential candidates across the political spectrum have struggled to find convincing solutions. I discuss what’s behind the dilemma; why the solutions of presidential candidates fall short in addressing it; and what is needed to make the H1B debate more fruitful in today’s global competitive environment.

In recent history, H1B visa policies have unintentionally facilitated two major shifts in employment of skilled workers. The first shift occurred in 2004 when the H1B visa cap was drastically reduced from 195,000 in the previous year to 65,000 partly in response to a perceived oversupply of visas in prior years. Business scholars Arie Lewin, Silvia Massini and Carine Peeters argue in one of their studies that the drastic visa cut promoted a boost of offshoring of tech jobs in the coming years. At that time, the number of U.S. science and engineering graduates was declining. Many firms used H1B visas to fill positions with foreign workers – partly to save costs but also to respond to the perceived shortage of talent. With less visas available, more firms started going offshore and create STEM jobs outside the U.S. Or they recruited global service providers, such as IBM, Accenture, Wipro and Infosys, to hire low-cost tech staff in India and elsewhere on their behalf, to provide tech support, engineering services, software testing, and other work for their domestic and global operations. This led to an unstoppable dynamic: the global redistribution of knowledge work.

11indiaThe second shift, which started happening in the 2010s, followed the earlier trend. As the outsourcing industry grew, service providers from India in particular increasingly expanded their operations and started setting up subsidiaries in the U.S. and around the world to better serve their clients, but also to secure access to skilled tech workers while keeping labor costs low. In doing so, they transformed the H1B visa program into a recruitment channel to tap into their labor market at home while serving U.S. clients onshore. The top four sponsors of H1B visas in recent years have been India-based service providers: Infosys, Tata, IBM India, Wipro. In 2015, these firms combined filed around 75,000 H1B visa applications out of which 12,000 H1B visas were issued. H1B visas rarely replace U.S. workers directly. In fact, they initially help create competitive jobs in the U.S. Yet, H1B staff allows their employers to take on more client projects. As a result, U.S. workers at client firms may lose their jobs. One recent example is Disney Orlando where 250 employees were laid off in October 2015 and jobs were transferred to H1B workers from an Indian outsourcing firm. Similarly, 500 staff were cut at Southern California Edison (SCE) in February 2015 and replaced by Infosys and TCS H1B workers. Following that, a Thousand SCE staff marched in front of corporate offices to stop layoffs from happening (see picture).

The H1B visa program thus presents a dilemma. Lowering the quota reduces labor market flexibility in the U.S. and may drive firms to hire STEM workers offshore. Maintaining or increasing the quota enables tech firms to add skilled jobs onshore, which, however, may replace higher paid U.S. staff in similar positions. In trying to address this dilemma, presidential candidates vary greatly in their suggestions: Marco Rubio wants to expand the H1B program – back to 195,000 visas a year – to make U.S. tech firms more competitive and to attract foreign talent. However, jobs should be advertised for 180 days to privilege U.S. job applicants. Donald Trump is against this approach and instead proposes to keep the current quota but raise the minimum wage for H1B hires to avoid replacement of U.S. workers by cheap labor. Interestingly, Bernie Sanders takes a similar view and also urges tech firms to raise (rather than cut) wages to make engineering jobs attractive again. Ted Cruz initially supported the H1B program, to promote productivity and job growth, and even suggested a 500% quota increase, but now favors the exact opposite: a suspension of the entire program for 180 days. Hillary Clinton has not contributed to the H1B debate recently – maybe a smart decision given the difficulty of this subject.

What all candidates seem to ignore (or not say out loud): Many job roles that the H1B program covers, such as software engineers, analysts and IT professionals, have become global commodities. Firms hire workers for these generic jobs – either directly or through external vendors – from across the world, with or without the H1B program. Whether Disney tech staff is replaced by H1B workers onshore or by Indian workers offshore does not really matter in the end. In other words, trying to protect higher paid, yet generic tech jobs on U.S. soil is futile. U.S. salaries for such jobs will soon adjust to global competitive standards. Once the commodity status of such jobs is accepted, having some flexibility in hiring tech professionals from abroad to manage fluctuating demand can be useful, as will be the ability to get highly specific tech skills temporarily which are short in supply.

Much more important is the question of how domestic tech jobs can be created that are less generic, so that temporary H1B workers may support rather than replace U.S. staff. In my view, for example, the blending of technical and managerial skills, product and client knowledge, global and local expertise may help create more robust jobs that can neither be easily relocated nor replaced onsite. STEM education needs to complement generic skills with more context-specific training – responding to local client demand, managing local supplier relations, mobilizing funding. Salaries and promotions will reward the combination of generic and idiosyncratic skills, rather than just the mastery of technical standards. In such a world, H1B visas will be seen as a welcome tool to manage labor market flexibility, rather than a continuous threat to U.S. jobs and competitiveness.

*STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Picture taken from: “Imported Indian Tech Workers Taking American Jobs” (The Federalist, June 30 2015)

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243 thoughts on “Will U.S. Tech Jobs Turn All-Indian? The H1B Visa Dilemma

  1. Will Indians damage or destroy government or big company’s IT project or engineering?

    How many garbage person in an Indian group, what’s the percentage, I believe it’s very high (more than 30, 35%? )

    Do you have this kind of Indian garbage person in your team, typical one is:

    Indians’ strongest skill is: first – Mouth; Indian can generate anything from his mouth, it seems
    that they used it as an art skill; the stuff coming out from his mouth is not related with fact
    or reality – but they pretend that it’s a fact/reality to give whoever talk/listen to them. when they
    inject/input these stuff to the other party, regular one turns to very easy get anesthesia or unrealistically glad by what they said; at that time, the other party start to become the victim of all these shit coming out of this Indian garbage person. Since nothing from this mouth is related with a fact or truth.

    Indian second strongest skill is: stick with the authority (who is political powerful), they use

    first skill (or mouth) to turn this political authority to be a victim; and do whatever they want:
    bring in more garbage Indian person, or ask/get money rewards.. in highly competitive US technology environment:
    you can see how easy and least effort these garbage person put to get a very high paid position without any workable technical skills. And you’ll see that: Your hard-working 10+ years experience is much weaker compared to their powerful/disguised 10 seconds mouth work.

    I worked in my field (IT) 15 years, and was interviewed by an Indian person. He told everyone he gonna give very deep and wide discussion on technology during interview, and it will last about 1 and half hour. But when this guy called me for interview (only 15 minutes), during interview he told me that he didn’t understand much about technology in this field. and he just praise my knowledge/experience and also try to help me on what kind of questions client might ask. I was shocked that this person was paid such a high salary for this position with expertise in this field. And he told me that he didn’t know much about it?? This might be an example of Indian garbage person in tech. And what’s more shocking is: similar thing happened three times in different project with different states. Typical Indian garbage person, know nothing about this technology and yet give you technical interview: one is even ridiculous (an Indian female tech, more like a Indian garbage person), She didn’t show up in webcam and saying she was there just shooting/recording a video for the interview process. these garbage person from Indian group/company, like HCL consulting and ..other government social benefit project – Indian IT team. What a ridiculous reality ?

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  3. If you are getting so may calls from Indian recruiters ? This is becoming a big nuisance with Indian name/sounding person using magic jack is calling displaying Wyoming,New Jersey or Nebraska numbers. Will ask you to fill some forms that does ask for SSN, DOB without year and so forth. One idiot even asked for a copy of green card. These people are actually telemarketers based in India and working for some Indian recruiting agents in USA screening candidates for them. now unfortunately the story does not end here. The USA based Indian recruiters have contacts in the client IT organizations who are also from India and his/her job is to push their candidates and get a cut from recruitment fees. They collect resumes and while the interviewers from client side are also Indians, they reject many deserving candidates which is in blatant violation of Equal opportunity Law (EEOC), collectively push for hiring from India and also outsource the work to India. I had about 15 interviews in the last few months and in every interview there was an India who attitude clearly reflected rejection of my resume. This is a big racket going on in USA despite very strict EEOC laws how no one takes notice. This has to be stopped now. People should write to EEOC and ask for the laws to be more strictly implemented. Please visit this page https://www.eeoc.gov/and post you complaints and concerns so that this malpractice by Indian recruiters is brought to an end.

  4. I find it heartbreaking and tragic that the US recruits these Indian tech workers! Most arrogant and rude creeps I have ever met!

  5. It’s quite a debatable subject taking the American employment into account. But there’s also another side to this situation in the Indian employment market. America’s contraction of the HIB visas also benefit the Indian Tech Market where the skilled employees won’t leave the country in order to go to America. Every tech employee in India wants to go to America but the contraction would lead to the improvement of the Indian Tech Market.

  6. This is such a tricky and yet controversial issue. I feel there should be a percentage number of International workers that should be accepted to work in every company. I mean, the majority are grad students that the US government gladly accepted to study in their schools, they have contributed to the economy and know we just want to send them home or offer them a low paying job when they certainly paid a good amount of money in getting their degrees. Again it’s controversial because the H1B visas are essentially driving Americans out of their jobs because they are paying Internationals less money and is essentially beneficial for this corporates but it is certainly unfair. Raising salaries to make them as competitive as locals can help close the gap of unfair pay and competitiveness.

  7. I totally agree that H1B status should not become an excuse for employers to reduce the compensation levels for skilled immigrants. Especially for creative works like software engineering. People can sense the mistreatments, and they will respond usually through reducing their productivity. This will actually cause losses more than companies can save from the saved compensations. Recently, there is the increasing trend of outsourcing especially in IT industry because of the restrictions of visas. Therefore, it is important for local workers to start to acquire more local skills like building strong personal relationships with clients, and leverage on managerial skills. These skills are hard to outsource, and will help people to remain competitive under the disadvantage of labor costs and restriction of visas in United States.

  8. With foreign workers replacing American workers, this might make the US economy shrink. When Americans lose their jobs, that means high unemployment and idle people feeding off government benefits. No one is working and the government has to support them. Also, when people don’t have jobs, they are less willing to spend. Overall, the switch might not be as cost effective as people think.

    -Soi Han Lisa Tam

  9. I am an American software developer. Actually, Indian developers create more work for Americans. Their code has to be re-written at a certain point. Most of them enter the profession just to survive or to go abroad, not for passion. They actually hate what they do.

    • I think we are past this stage! They have dominated the IT industry and controlled it as well. I have been a software contractor for many years and now I can not find a contract not unless you want to work for an E. Indian consulting service company. Not only that, they are controlling the hiring process for American’s in the IT industry. Lastly, I have not been able to get pass their unfair interview process.

      • Haha. I thought it was me who wrote that last comment cause it couldn’t be more true! Sadly I recommend you work for your them cause few other choices exist. Anyway sadly and ironically their clients are American firms. All hope is on Trump administration. Democrats are the root cause of all this. They want poor people in the country to vote for them. They don’t care about the middle class only foreign workers who generally vote liberal. It’s a sad cycle.

  10. The topic is very debatable. However, there two sides of the situation. First, the IT job requires accurate knowledge and experience. Second, the higher education is very costly for people. Many people cannot afford to attend university.

  11. H1-B and other visas are a shady practice. The people replacing you have no business doing the job. This isn’t an issue of a better worker coming over for less money. This is an issue of a warm body representing a shady firm coming over to warm a seat on the cheap. This illusion that the company is getting a better deal out of the H1-B is often untrue and exemplified by the scenarios we’ve all seen where visa holders do not know what they claim to know and are sandbagging the group effort to meet their goals.

    Corporations figured out long ago that if you replace half the staff with a useless array of dipshits that the other half will do both jobs and live with it because they can’t make that money anywhere else. So the half that remains does two jobs and the visa holder collects a much smaller package by extension. That and the fact visa holders can be pushed around by virtue of their sponsor contracts. I’ve seen it all. From visa holders losing most of their money to their sponsors to spouses working on different time zones because they can’t make ends meet otherwise.

    Whoever thought visas were a good thing for America was lying to us. IT is a dead end. It won’t turn around. You should consider your allegiance to these tech firms by voting with your wallet. I for one am. I support no company that supports the visa.

  12. All I remember from a global US IT outsourcing firm in Australia I worked for is that they separated people into castes. On the top of it are the Brahmin caste, and the half white-half Indians, below it is the lower cast Indians, then it is the older Anglo Saxons, then it the Italians, then the Chinese and young Anglo Saxons, then Filipinos, South Americans and the rest.

    The Brahmin caste justifies their position in high above by their beef hating vegetarianism, the half Indians justify their position by their white faces. Everyone else are treated as below humans.

    • the biggest problem i see is the managers who are letting these shit happen for their personal benefits. Indian people in these companies have their own startups and they look for openings to place /replace people irrespective of the race including indians with GC

      • This is somewhat true – what happens is the greedy US head hunters will send in someone from India. Because they don’t do due diligence on the person, the guy (from India) is really a spy of sorts. He is the strong one who will do a good job. Then, he will present to the employer the opportunity to hire others like himself (this does not happen of course) for lower cost.

        So – the US-based head-hunting company has all of its people kicked out. They are then replaced with people from head-hunting company from India.

  13. As an IT consultant, I’ve worked at dozens of companies in their IT departments. What I’ve learned about the H1B program:

    (1) The program gives the sponsoring company control over the H1B’s visa, so the IT contractor coming to the U.S. has no power to negotiate salary. This wage differential becomes acute as he or she gains experience in their job and become more valuable.

    (2) Thus, nearly all the H1Bs I’ve met in IT are paid wages at the lowest end of the scale.

    (3) This directly depresses wages for all other IT workers at those companies.

    Merely making the H1B visa portable and independent of sponsoring company control would do a lot to help IT wages both for the H1Bs and the Americans who compete with them.

    People often ask me whether Indian IT workers are as good as the U.S. counterparts. I visualize this as two bell curves, one representing Indian IT professionals and one of American workers. The bell curves overlap, with the American one shifted towards higher effectiveness.

    It’s important to realize that technology skills are not the only IT job requirement. Linguistic and cultural fluency are vital to successful projects as well.

    • This is ironic. “Linguistic and cultural fluency” is a synonym for exercising preferences in the workplace. Education and experience are not considered a factor during the hiring process and normally, a lower-qualified individual is hired. I do remember hearing this type of complaint – many years ago – from an Indian woman who had a Master’s Degree (from a US-based university) in Computer Science.

      It is interesting that those who engaged heavily in such practices are now facing it themselves. In other words: not being considered for a position because the foreign hiring manager does not see you as a “cultural fit”, living with anxiety because your chances of “getting in” are less than 20% because of the lack of a “cultural fit”, having the media identify and portray you as being lazy, not smart enough (or unable to learn) thus unworthy of a position; and finally, having the government showing its disdain for you altogether by ignoring your concerns. Even the main-stream-media at large takes aggressive steps to ensure that no one knows about them. Should they see the light of day, it is with an intention of framing a narrative that identifies those who complain as the ones who are at fault.

      The irony about the situation now is that had the most qualified individual been hired at all times – no matter where they hailed from (instead of the person who had “cultural fluency”) – management probably would not have had a reason to seek out the foreign labor to begin with to “fill the shortage”. They would not have discovered the possibility that they could get such individuals at a steal from countries with populations of one-billion plus. They would not have actively implemented policies/practices/procedures to have Dilbert and his colleagues replaced and then marginalized out of the industry altogether. It is interesting to see that they now must face the sea of mines that PoC have been forced to navigate **for decades**.

      When hired, a PoC – raised in the US – would have only have had the goal of feeding his/her family, keeping a roof over the head, and going home. As it stands now, individuals from foreign lands – when hired – have a goal of supplanting the “old guard” – be they middle-management, upper-management or worker – and replacing them with individuals from his/her country/region. The US-govt is more of an oligarchy than democracy – so – it looks like this “trend” will continue.

  14. We neither work with nor do we engage south Asians from India in any manner. With them out of the picture, things run quite smoothly and virtually all projects are delivered on point, time and budget nearly every time.

  15. H1b visa program should be totally revisited to stop the exploitation of educated people. I managed many people and I noticed, USA is occupied by only one major state from India and they not only steal American jobs, but also they won’t let anyone other than their state people to grow. They identify their people with weird last name and this atrocity should end. Both men and women are cunning, they show off to make others feel low which was biggest pain during this time. They have small consulting firms and try to create animosity within the team if other Indian person don’t agree to work for them. All chaos ….unless USA step in, it will become another corrupted country. Thank God someone stood up and total population of Indians in the USA is only less than 3%.
    But the Indian kids are not like thier parents, our education system is strong enough to teach right values. Based on my interaction there is no difference between Amy and Priya or Adam and Arjun. They are helping each other irrespective of the race and working hard, having said we will continue to fight for the fair treatment to save our jobs

    • Absolutely agree. I”ve worked with indian manager. No one american is good for him, he hired only indian contractors from specific small firms, clear corruption. Other problem upper management, they trust them and believe that equal opportunity works.

      • Global fairness act will protect everyone. i have seen Indian people who support the application work upto 12 hrs on a daily basis and big companies are exploiting the people. one onsite manager is sitting in USA and over committing to keep their company’s contract and squeezing people who work in India. Global fairness act will also save american jobs.

    • If I make following statements will anybody dispute.
      1.Application software is meant for dumb Engineers.
      2.No subjects studied in BS degree is needed for it.
      3.I can train most of the high school students in India under central board syllabus with 9 months training in computer who will beat anybody studied 4 year degree in US and work for application software.Are you ready for the challenge?
      4.Application software Engineer salary shall be reduced to 20000 US$/Year in USA.They are NOT worth more than that.

      • you clearly have no clue at all as to how software is engineered. That is the problem we have idiots like you hiring idiots that do not know what they are doing. This is why everything is getting hacked, Yahoo, Equifax etc. Corporations replaced highly talented Americans with indigents from a 3rd world whose best understanding of programming is copy and paste and ask questions on stackexchange until they spaghetti code something together that kinda sorta works.

        You are mixing up the idea of programming with Software Engineering. Do you know what an EERD is? Software engineering is the overall design of the software from the database to the user interface. You have to be familiar with all of the technology required to properly engineer software.

        You also show no clear understanding of what programming truly is, if you truly think programmer A at $20k is the same quality as programmer B at $80k then you are truly clueless. Programmers that have no idea what they are doing are as good as a plumber that you call to fix your leaky sink and he replaces your toilet instead.

        Yeah go ahead and hire that programmer for $20k who has no clue what Dependency injection is or what data sanitation is and why it is important. Then in a few years you can hire Americans with talent to rewrite the crap spaghetti code your $20k stackexchange copy and paste programmer hacky glued together.

    • The problem with politicians is they hesitate to tell the bitter truth to public if they had certain faiths.Because politicians go to people and BEG for votes they make the image that they are there saviours.
      Most of the people would like to do the same work the way they had been doing.They do NOT want to use there brain.They do NOT want to be challenged.Most of the people are dumb.
      Politicians should make eye contact with large masses and call the people LAZY and dumb.
      He should tell them people should use there brain and innovate.Automation will take away stupid people’s job.He should mentally prepare the people for hard reality.
      Since Application software does NOT need any great talent those who practise it will loose there job to outsourcing or automation.Even in India those who get job due to outsourcing will eventually loose there job due to automation.If you prevent H1B or outsourcing US corporate will accelerate automation and FIRE employees.After all they are answerable to share holders not to TRUMP or those who loose jobs.
      In US only 2% of population is in agriculture.Application Software will have the same fate.
      Artificial intelligence and automation will take away most of the white colour jobs.Many doctors,lawyers,engineers will loose there jobs.

      Country needs ONLY people who are willing to learn new things,use there brain and innovate.People should be encouraged to publish papers in IEEE journals and make patents.

      If someone is adamant and refuse to innovate at least stop producing children.

      Otherwise FOOLS will perish.If politician say your job is saved do NOT belive him.He is digging your grave yard.Instead use your brain and try for patents in CORE jobs.

      FITTEST survives!

      • If indians are so far superior to Americans…. WTF come to America to steal our jobs instead of creating jobs in your 3rd world country? If Indians are so F****** superior then why do Americans have to retrain them as their replacements? GTFO with that garbage

      • You’re a sick person. Humankind does not need to “innovate”, rush and hustle, with existing technologies. What they do need is to tell people to STOP BREEDING AND OVERPOLULATE THE WORLD and OUTLAW things that deprive people of jobs, be it automation or whatever else! Vile capitalist scum won’t stop at anything: so they need to be stopped.

    • Indians wants their own people in the whole IT department. They give out interview questions to their prospective applicant to get them in. For non- Indians, they will ask questions like, what is the codes of such and such when there are thousands of codes out there – why memorize all of it when you know where to look. They know you won’t get that is why they always asked this question so you don’t get the job and their friend of friends get in. Even the HR in-charge who is of course also their own are doing the same.

      When they’re in, they talked like they know it all but surprise surprise…. they keep asking questions because they have not done it before and they are always on the phone (with their teacher) to do the work.

  16. Globalization proposed by USA and other developed countries and forced to be part of WTO. India opened its doors to US MNC to sell their products in their market which resulted US companies earning globally. If US govt restrict H1 then Indian govt has stop US MNCs not to sell their products then immediately US employees start losing jobs. Think all ways .

  17. I feel like IT is a big part of what we do here in the U.S especially with in our schools. We need our jobs back. We spend our money to go to school for things like computer science and our jobs are being shipped out. But not only our jobs our Positions. When I worked in corporate there were many positions that were being shipped out to India even when people were capable of doing the job here, it was really sad. I can understand outsourcing, it is a give and take, giving people jobs where it is needed but also taking jobs away from people that find it very hard to live here.

  18. Such and exciting topic, and one similar to a rubric cube. You can keep turning the sides, yet it’s tough if not impossible to find a balanced solution for all participating parties. I surely feel for those who have lost their jobs to H1B visa workers, and look down upon corporations that are initiating mass layoffs with the intentions to replace American workers with H1B Visa workers. Based on my knowledge of H1B visas, it can be very costly for the employer to file the visas. With filing fees, processing fees and having to hire immigration lawyers, the process can be lengthy and expensive. What is the balance of recruiting a lower cost worker, if their initial cost is thousands of dollars? Is that worth the effort if you are just trying to save money? I can’t fathom the thought of laying off a worker that has been loyally working with a company for 20+ years (or any amount of extended time) to replace them with an H1B visa worker, however that is what big business has turned to. They are money hungry and since they hold power its hard for us as average citizens to introject and make a difference. That all being said, if we limit the number of visas, companies might just move their entire operation of seas if it makes sense finically. Then we risk losing hundreds of thousands of jobs.

    Probably the best way to address the subject is to leave the number of H1B visas at its current quota and enforce them to pay foreigners the same as they pay U.S, citizens. This will cause an increased competition overseas for the jobs in the US. On the US employment market, it will help because not only will the employers have to pay all of the H1B processing, filing fees as well as immigration lawyer fees, they will also have to pay an equal wage on top of what they already invested. So at this point, the employers are paying more for the H1B visa employee, which would make sure that the company hires only the brightest and most worthy employees from other countries. This would deter the employer from wanting as many H1B Visas, and decrease the number of layoffs of American workers due to H1B visas. This way both sides have their own victory.

  19. So many interesting points in the comments and in the original post. If companies can outsource work to India and pay less to get the same job done, I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t do so. It’s less a matter of American jobs being “stolen”and more a matter of workers abroad offering more competitive prices. It’s because of disparities in the global economy, right? If a dollar goes double the distance in India, I’d really like to travel there.

    • You totally are missing the point?? It’s not that jobs are GOING overseas?? It’s that workers are being imported to replace Americans in there “SEAT”.

      Many of which were forced to TRAIN their replacements, or else lose severance pay??

      See the difference?

      • Don’t worry she’ll see it soon enough as foreigners are now taking all jobs not just STEM, but accounting, finance and now even healthcare. I can’t wait for the rest of the country to be in the same boat as the STEM workers. THESE GREEDY FUCKING CORPORATIONS WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THEY EMPLOY 0 AMERICANS

    • Except they are not getting the same job done. Look at Equifax and Yahoo and all the other places getting hacked. You can find out how many foreigners a company employs using google. The common factor in all of these companies getting hacked ….. “FOREIGNERS” This BS is costing everyday Americans money now. Plus these companies use these foreigners like slaves, they know they can’t quit or get another job, so they work them insane hours and give no benefits.

      I believe it is time for America to go fully Socialist so the government can destroy the evil greedy corporations and we can do the Socialist Economic collapse and start anew in the USSA. Socialism is the only thing that will stop these ultra greedy corporations.

      These foreigners are not offering better prices they are offering paid slavery.

  20. It’s ILLEGAL under US law for only one race to dominate an industry – especially if they are foreign non citizen workers. Totally illegal!

    Ever hear of EEOC LAWS?

  21. Goodbye American Information Technology Worker
    After serving four years in the Army I took advantage of my VA benefits enrolling at DeVry University of Chicago to obtain a degree in Computer Science. I started my career in Information Technology (IT) in 1986. I saw this as a field that would pay the salary needed to support my young family. I was correct in that I was able to find employment immediately after graduation with a company in Chicago and I have been fortunate to work in this field for the past 31 years providing for my family.
    Today I find myself in the position of praying that I can last 7 more years until I reach retirement age. After 31 years in a highly skilled field a person should not feel threatened by the loss of their career. Yet this is where I find myself, clinging to my current position, accepting cuts in benefits and no salary increases by my current employer, thankful that I still have a job.
    Why would I be thankful for a job that pays less in salary than I earned in 2002 and for an employer that, on a monthly basis, lays off American employees to bring in foreign workers at a fraction of the cost?
    Because I am one of the few left. Luck has placed me in a position that, through contractual requirement and regulation, does not allow an H1B worker to do my job.
    American IT workers are being replaced by H1B visa foreigners. These American jobs are not being sent to another country. They are being lost as a result of American corporations bringing foreign workers into the United States to replace American IT workers. This is being done so that corporations, American corporations, can squeeze out a few more drops of profit with the American IT worker as collateral damage.
    There is no shortage of skilled American IT workers. I know more out of work computer programmers and systems analysts than employed ones. American corporations have found loopholes in the H1B visa program that allows them to put Americans out of work and bring in cheap foreign workers even though there is no skill shortage. You do not work in the same field for 20 to 30 years and suddenly become unskilled and unproductive. If the American IT worker no longer has the skills required to do his or her job, why is it necessary for them to train the foreign worker taking their place? Shouldn’t the foreign worker already have the skills needed if not more? Isn’t that why you find it necessary to bring them into OUR country and replace us?
    American families are experiencing financial and emotional stress, tearing some apart, so that American corporations can make a few more bucks. How do you, as an American citizen, sit in a conference room and decide that those few dollars in profit justify putting your fellow Americans out of work? How can you place so little value on the people that have given their very best effort to you? The people that, through their efforts, made your corporation better and more profitable? Unlike Mitt Romney, I do not believe that corporations are people, but there are American people working at high levels within these corporations that are making these decisions. How do you justify it? How the hell do you sleep at night? How do you look at your spouse and children with any pride at all after what you have done? Knowing that you have unnecessarily caused hardship to your fellow Americans. Is increasing your bonus, through hurting others, worth it?
    Every corporation in our great country has the right to make a profit. Capitalism has fueled our growth as a nation. But to bring foreign workers into our country to replace Americans who are only guilty of making a good enough salary to support their families is morally reprehensible.
    I hope that the loopholes in the H1B program will be closed and that this practice is stopped. Our President has mentioned taking action to do this in some of his speeches and there are at least two bills being proposed in Washington addressing this issue.
    Perhaps I am naïve to think that it will happen but for all of my fellow Americans suffering as a result of this Un-American program I pray that it will. And I personally pray that I will make it 7 more years.
    Signed, An American IT worker still hanging in there…

    • I’m sorry, but it has nothing to do with you and I. It’s all about corporate profits for “GLOBAL” corporations…. America, Somalia, China, India, Malaysia… it doesn’t matter… corporations are ruling commerce, trade, and employment worldwide… so it is what they have many times called .. “A NEW WORLD ORDER”.

      The only hope for anyone is God’s Kingdom. Man’s kingdoms are doomed….

      • Actually I can see Americans voting for socialist democrats soon. That is the only thing that can stop these greedy, greedy, greedy ass corporations. The government will have to take them over and disassemble them. Corporations have gotten way to large and powerful in the USSA, they literally OWN the government.

        I am tired of looking for IT jobs in the USA I have now started to look for websites that list STEM jobs in Latin America

    • Well said, American IT Worker! But don’t water words here. Write to your congressman, tweet, comment on national news articles like this one: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-h-1b-visas-have-been-abused-since-the-beginning/

      Or start a petition or a blog about this. Awareness is everything and I know some congressmen like Darrell Issa is aware of this and has proposed a bill but we need to foster more public awareness and outrage. Also note that the hiring managers and directors are increasingly Indian so to them they have no moral issue with firing Americans or not hiring them. In fact, they tend to want to help their own kind. So you should also write to the DOJ and equal employment offices.

      We also need to lobby against work visas being converted to green cards via sponsorship PERIOD! I think if the federal or state governments taxed companies $50000 to $100000 per foreign visa annually you’d quickly see these work visa abuses disappear. Alternatively the govt could give tax rebates or incentives to train and retain US citizens. Seems like we need reverse reverse discrimination! Thank you dumb liberals! Meanwhile the ACLU is spending a ton of money to defend immigrants from om being deported. You never see them defending unfair layoffs or defending American families but they put all their resources towards protecting foreigners! Go figure! Americans are their own worst enemies!

      • Yeah these H1B replacements are so talented all of the fucking companies that hire them are getting hacked. Woohooo TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Equifax, yahoo etc just google and you can find out how many parasites they employ

    • Best comments I read on the h1b program. What you said is exactly what I think. Like you I can’t be fired and replaced by an h1b. When I pick up the phone to talk to some other IT person at the company and they barely speak English you kind of ask yourself what’s going on. You know that your out of work friend could easily be trained for this job. The worse part is when the h1b actually believe that they are exceptional. How are you exceptional when your job is doing basic programming.

    • I had high hopes for trump, then the asshole signed that h2 visa bill to increase the amount of foreign fuckers we let in to steal middle class jobs in the construction, restaurant industry etc. I had never heard of a fucking h2 visa in my life. These greedy ass corporations will not stop until they employ 0 Americans. I honestly hope to find a job in Latin America soon.

    • I feel the same way. I got 15 more years till retirement, and I’ve seen stagnant wages for 10 years. New hires in IT doing the same thing I did 20 years go get paid less then what I was getting.
      If companies don’t value American STEM students investing in college with decent paying jobs after college, then why should we even push our kids toward STEM careers.

      I for one have recommended my kids pursue careers outside of STEM. Find a career in a trade or skill that can’t be outsourced or shipped overseas.

      Also all you work from home advocates, watch your back. Any job that can be done remote can be done in India cheaper, and our US corporations will be doing this next. Just watch. I don’t ever see this getting better in my lifetime.

      • They do not have the knowledge as of this time. The leads of projects do – but the troops do not. Ten years from now, they will have the tech knowledge. It will be in their language so no others will have access to tech. Then, they will challenge the lead positions Microsoft, the Google, the Facebook, etc – kind of like Ali Baba can challenge Ebay.

  22. I believe every industry within each country is an ecosystem of its own that must have some sort of supply and demand balance. Any foreign introduction to that natural balance must be calculated and merit based other wise it will lead to extinction.

    I totally disagree with the notion that America don’t produce enough software engineers. No one ever get a job in exactly what you learn in school. You will need to get an OJT any where you go to pick up the skills needed for that particular job.

    There must be a law requiring companies to reach out to colleges and universities requesting hiring at least the top 50% of all graduates before they can even apply for H1B. It will also not hurt if they let those universities know what kind of skill sets needed in the following decades so they would focus on it.

    I also think placement middle man companies shouldn’t be able to apply for H1B visas at all.

    • Yeah I graduated from a State college with a 4.0Gpa, member of 2 honor societies and I tutored for the college for free the whole time. I COULD NOT EVEN GET A SINGLE INTERVIEW. Went back for Comp Sci, had a 3.98Gpa, tutored over 20 Comp Sci courses and I was the president of the colleges IT club and STILL COULD NOT GET AN INTERVIEW. So I dropped out of Comp Sci 2.5 years in and 25k in debt. I can’t see running up 60k or more and having absolutely no job prospects. I may go back soon and finish my degree, then move to Latin America and buy a house and start a family instead of paying the student loans back. It is the only way I can see that I will ever have a future at all.

      America is dead to me. If I can’t get a job and live on my own and support myself, then it is time to move to a country that VALUES IT’S CITIZENS MORE THAN FOREIGNERS.

    • This was written by an Indian so it’s only an Indians’s perspective. He doesn’t mention how the Indian workforce takes jobs from Americans and how these 6 or so years so extend to a forever stay causing overpopulation and higher housing costs and congestion and overall lower standard of living. Also these people are not the brightest by A LONG SHOT!!! I think what the Trump administration is only a small step. $100,000 is nothing in this industry. They should tax companies by say $30,000 or even more fir each foreign worker they hire and give them a tax break or credit for every American they train on the job America today Durant even begin to think about the future of our kids who will need to be trained and become productive members of society.

      If you look at over populated countries like India and Egypt including many countries in the Middle East you’ll see how college graduates in engineering, the sciences and even medical doctors can’t find work or afford housing. We need to leave room for growth for our children and get people off of welfare and unemployment before we worry about the bottom line of big consumer firms that already dominate the market and can afford to pay their execs millions of dollars.

      Finally I’ve said this before but their is a misconception that Apple Microsoft etc benefit from Indian workers. They really don’t. The Indians at my last job were being paid similar salaries as American citizens. It’s the middle man that benefit. Infosys and TCS are implementation partners and they make many off if the difference in the salary they pay their Indian minions and the billing rate they charge the client which is not much different than the billing rate an independent American consultant or givtractir would charge. But because infosys Accenture TCS etc have a foothold and a contract with the end client – Apple Micro etc – they get their business. Hence I don’t think this plan will make a big difference.

      What we need is the DOJ to investigate complaints and hiring process and to drastically cut work visas due a few years until American workers can be retrained and rehired. If and only if there is still a need then they can reinstate the h1-b visa program contingentky and only for direct hiring firms not for Infosys TCS etc. also I would like to see the green card sponsorship cone to a HALT!

      • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

      • I strongly agree. Also there is a discrimination or bullying h1b ppl has started to citizens to save their jobs. In very unappropriated way. There is not much Citizen left to help anyways as majority of IT jobs are taken away by them. Either you do as boss say else H1b will take your job away. Its like we have become slaves to India workforce. I being south Asian american citizen defend US citizen they by-coat us, or else ohh you can not do the job so that’s why we are stepping in or you are insecure of us. I mean its very sad to see how previous american government never address the issue until they finally loose the election.

  23. In my opinion, one of the main reason Indian workers have become a threat to U.S. Jobs is both the cost between paying U.S. Workers and Indian workers. Paying offshores workers is cheaper. To add to this, the majority of the IT students are typically from offshore region na specifically India. I do think these visas will be helpful to U.S. Jobs

    • Mr. Narayanmurthy of INFOSYS said recently “We can not do business in a foreign land antagonising the same Govt’s wishes –something like that if I correctly recollect.
      He is absolutely right with full knowledge and wisdom.
      The real answer is making a good strategy so that IT Company should not fall under the mercy or, trap of any sevre chage in forein govt. policies like that of H1B Visa in USA.
      And in my depositions below I have given you the answer.
      India should provide jobs in India for sons and daughters of the soil of India. This automatically brings national pride for India. Any job in a foreign country will always bring a kind of second class treatment in terms of hounour and respect for Indian and Indian.
      Indian should design and implement virtual reality based IT Companies for IT Professionals in India ( in all cities and towns of India so to say) who can perform jobs sitting in his/her Indian home while working for Companies situated in different time zones, different countries. This way, an Indian IT Professional can be an Employee of 4 different companies from 4 different continents drawing moderately rich salaries and the whole concept is very much thinkable and feasible too.
      I will like to give it a name and in my wisdom ,I will like to name it as “Satellite IT Hub ” where you can perform your job functions of IT Enabled services to your Employers situated in different continents through “Video Conferencing”.
      Let me explain you a little more on this.
      Your IT Company’s name is XYZ Satellite IT Services Company Pvt. Ltd situated at 29,Sarita Vihar New Delhi. Your company has a “Video Conferencing and Remote Location Enabled hybrid Computer (Again India requires to design a Hybrid Computer by which from a remote location like that of 29,Sarita Vihar New Delhi —you(IT Expert) can enter an Employer’s Computer to do your day’s work for that Company situated at 39,woodward avenue Pennsylvanis say for example only).
      This way physically you are available in New Delhi ,India but mentally you are available in Penn state,USA and drawing salary in US Dollar but spending in Indian Rupees which is extremely good for Indian Government and bood the Indian tempo of consumerism of indian goods and services in india for indians while working for foreigners without giving benifits of consumerism to foreign countries also heavily support Indian patriotism @100 % and this fully supports the WIN-WIN Patriotic policy of selling services at a higher cost to foreign countries without being hurt physically and mentally while obeying the falacy “ACT LOCAL THINK GLOBAL”.

      India’s long-term strategy with full fore-sightedness should be as follows:—-

      Student from India can manage a Bachelor’s degree for US Dollar 2000.

      Student from USA, United Kingdom spend 30,000 to 40,000 US Dollar to get a Bachelor’s degree . India’s performance PISA (Program for International Student Assessment ) in 2009 was a failure miserably ,just one place before the last country ,I believe Kazakasthan.

      India now never participates in PISA on the pretext that English Language is an issue.

      India hardly has an University/Institute or, two which rank in global ranking of 250 Universities. Recently I saw a report that Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur could not fill up 30 % of their teaching staff . Now guess,India’s premier institute which happens to bad H1B Visa does not run on full capacity of educational stuff. This is not acceptable by any educational standard so to say. Whereas, all the educational institutes in UK,USA run on full staff with full qualifications to maintain standard. India has the world’s largest pool of universities/colleges but educational standard remains under question.

      So, to harmonize educational standards between developing country like India and developed countries like UK,USA , another level of PISA Test is needed (PISA is done at school level about 15 years of age which we can name it as PISA ONE ) PISA TWO should be for University level after graduation. Anyway this is my suggestion only since the students from USA,UK feel with full discripancies money-wise as well as educational standard-wise.Students from developing countries like India accept any job at a lesser price whereas students from USA,UK can not accept job at a lesser price and here lies a big disadvantage for them.
      In this regard India and the developing countries should adopt PISA. and maintain educational standard as prescribed by PISA designed by OECD Countries where members of developing countries are supposed to participate with full co-operation with USA,UK.

      India’s long-term
      strategy with full fore-sightedness should be as follows:—-

      Already somewhere
      in the debates circling “H1B VISA” while gauging India’s educational
      standing, India’s performance in “PISA-Test” surfaced.

      Astonishingly in
      2009,in PISA Test, India’s rank was one before the rock-bottom country probably

      And India is not
      perticipating in OECD Countries PISA Test thereafter which is done every after
      3 years I believe.

      NASSCOM should
      convince GOI(Govt. Of India) about the real benifits of PISA .

      Since protectionism
      is springing up in many countries in Europe,Brexit,Contemporary USA,a time may
      come when USA/BREXIT,EU,Australia,New Zealand may demand PISA Score from
      applicants from India .

      And that will
      become a barrier to send IT Experts abroad from India.

      QuoteThe Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a worldwide study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in member and non-member nations of 15-year-old school pupils’ scholastic performance on mathematics, science Unquote .
      Already somewhere in the debates circling “H1B VISA” while gauging India’s educational standing, India’s performance in “PISA-Test” surfaced.
      Astonishingly in 2009,in PISA Test, India’s rank was one before the rock-bottom country probably Kazakathan.
      And India is not perticipating in OECD Countries PISA Test thereafter which is done every after 3 years I believe.
      NASSCOM should convince GOI(Govt. Of India) about the real benifits of PISA .
      Since protectionism is springing up in many countries in Europe,Brexit,Contemporary USA,a time may come when USA/BREXIT,EU,Australia,New Zealand may demand PISA Score from applicants from India .
      And that will become a barrier to send IT Experts abroad from India.
      I heartily think/believe that at present in India, there is not a single PISA Compliant school .
      NASSCOM for the deep/real interest of their own IT Community shold fund PISA Complient school through CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)
      On the other hand NASSCOM should give enough notices in all major indian newspaper/dailies,TV/Print media educating Indian Guardians aspiring for good school education.
      First question firsrt—-Is the School PISA Compliant, In its meaning it says whether the school is included in pre-PISA Test school surveys and can the Guardian see the survey results as a stakeholder of theeir son/daughter’s education.
      This is a must-awareness campaign even GOI-NASSCOM should do if they prefer to do so.
      Student from India can manage a Bachelor’s degree for US Dollar 2000.

      Student from USA, United Kingdom spend 30,000 to 40,000 US Dollar to get a Bachelor’s degree . India’s performance PISA (Program for International Student Assessment ) in 2009 was a failure miserably ,just one place before the last country ,I believe Kazakasthan.
      India now never participates in PISA on the pretext that English Language is an issue.
      India hardly has an University/Institute or, two which rank in global ranking of 250 Universities. Recently I saw a report that Indian Institute of Technology,Kharagpur could not fill up 30 % of their teaching staff . Now guess,India’s premier institute which happens to bad H1B Visa does not run on full capacity of educational stuff. This is not acceptable by any educational standard so to say. Whereas, all the educational institutes in UK,USA run on full staff with full qualifications to maintain standard. India has the world’s largest pool of universities/colleges but educational standard remains under question.
      So, to harmonize educational standards between developing country like India and developed countries like UK,USA , another level of PISA Test is needed (PISA is done at school level about 15 years of age which we can name it as PISA ONE ) PISA TWO should be for University level after graduation. Anyway this is my suggestion only since the students from USA,UK feel with full discripancies money-wise as well as educational standard-wise.Students from developing countries like India accept any job at a lesser price whereas students from USA,UK can not accept job at a lesser price and here lies a big disadvantage for them.
      In this regard India and the developing countries should adopt PISA. and maintain educational standard as prescribed by PISA designed by OECD Countries where members of developing countries are supposed to participate with full co-operation with USA,UK.

    • I disagree there are many fair amount of American ppl are willing to work and work hard. but bullying and extra pressure to work late, long hours has become a pattern from Indian workforce to surpass Americans who have other responsibility. I would also give you a real inside many H1B stays in one apartment 5 to 6 ppl, cook together no family responsibility since they are in either India or spouse is at home. It is sad if american government will not stop the process and keep only talented ppl. Else for many simple development and testing Jobs easily can be handle by American no need to bring extra labor from other country. Its very sad how media is not supporting Trump for this sort of real issue.

      This kind of insecurities directly affect any country’s future, their family break due to pressure from work, kids future get affected that indeed make country as weak. There are is while chain reason either no one to address or ppl really want someone else to do the job.

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  25. Ironically, still no South Indian including their bosses in TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, HCL etc gets the message that instead of claiming victim hood and covering lies, lets learn to work with Americans. If Indian companies would have stayed little bit fair, this stage wouldn’t have come and they still don’t understand, lets say even if current administration (although highly unlikely) doesn’t do anything to tackle current H1B, L1 visa and EB1C green card abuse, still how long this propaganda will go?. Ultimately American politicians can’t offer welfare checks to whole population, they need to come up with some strategy to tackle deficits with China, Mexico, Germany and Japan. Apart from this they need to tackle 100 percent fraudulent activities of South Indians in IT industry, South Indians open mouth and lie endlessly with no shame whatsoever. It is so difficult to separate single line of truth from their talks, everything from head to toe is fake.

    “What can’t go on for ever won’t”, this is law of nature and Indians are forgetting it. It is surprising to see, still they are full of ego and aggression without realizing what they have done to Americans.

    I request everybody to read;

    The rise of South Indians: Invisible dimension in decline of jobs for Americans in US economy


    • http://www.protectusworkers.org

      Sara Blackwell
      The Blackwell Firm

      Just Want to make sure everyone sees the info above. Join in similar lawsuits filed against Disney etc. contact Sarah but also contact trump administration. Jeff Sessions esp had launched an investigation against infosys etc.

    • The way I see it is it will eventually cost these greedy corporations big time in the end. So many are getting hacked due to firing talented Americans and replacing them with less talented foreigners. Eventually these companies will have to hire real software engineers, people who understand the technology beyond asking a stackexchange question then copying and pasting the answers until one works. When that day comes, they will have shot themselves in the foot, the talent will truly be gone and what is left will demand TOP $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      There is no way that people coming from a 3rd world who have a 4 year degree and have probably not used computers longer than that, can possibly have more talent than someone who has been using computers all of their life. FFS I started hacking at 12 years old

  26. You’re obviously not an IT person. First h1-b visas are contractors who are hired by contracting firms and pimped out to the end client. The American company on US soil. To make matters worse most of the front end recruiting is fine by Indian “call center” style “firms” who also act as a third intermediary. All these contracting firms take a cut thus reducing the h1-b visa holders hourly rate but the American end client pays about the same or even more than hiring an American themselves.

    The problem is Anerican companies no longer invest in their work force and the hiring process is increasing 99% outsourced Indian so called firms – which are nothing more than people in India working from their homes using a US phone number to appear local – are done by all the recruiting. American companies prefer contractors cause they don’t appear as liabilities on their balance sheets and are dispensable. Indian consulting firms that have established relationships with American companies are able to leverage this and place their workers there. So this is NOT cost saving fir the American consumer or making us more competitive. It is LITERALLY nothing more than the IT equivalent of piracy. So without writing a book on this you are spreading simplistic myths with any first hand knowledge of how the hiring process has transformed over the years.

    Also remember that even if an American company saves $10000 on one persons anjual salary theat doesn’t mean the cost savings are passed to you. It just means more money for the executives. And further as a society we pay a much greater cost of over population. Welfare and health and education costs fir these foreigners and their families. It a lose lose situation for us. Look at LA today and 59 years ago! It’s fine from a thriving beautiful city to a toilet!

    • I would like to share my story. I got a job in usa through online recruitment and I have my master’s degree with a very good percentage. I got my h1b visa and came to usa. I wanted to learn more and took online course in stanford university. I was working night nd day in an organization for 8 yrs , I reported to US manager. Another Indian guy joined in our team without any fluency and weak technical skills. The moment he joined he wanted me to leave as he was threatened . When I learned that he WAS making 25% more than myself and another American. we set up a meeting with our boss to discuss the same. That’s the end of my career, she made my career miserable with her tactics and worst politics. On top of that she wanted to reward him and made me train him and converted him to full time. Why she has to back him up so much ? God only knows. I am an Indian . Experienced and outspoken people suffer is the latest IT trend. I lost hope and I discontinued my course as there is too much dirty politics and mind games played . Not worth spoiling my health thinking what the hell is going on.

      • I have empathy for your plight. There are people of all nationalities being abused in the world that we live in now.

        That is because of 2 Cor 4:3 And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled in them that perish: 4 in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of the unbelieving, that the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should not dawn upon them .

        There are Two gods at this time. One is the “god of this world” Satan the Devil. The other one is our creator.

        The creator’s name is Jehovah. He wants only good things for us. Rev 21:3,4 says that he is going to wipe away every tear from our eyes, death and pain will be no more.

        Satan the Devil is trying to DESTROY EVERYONE
        His plan is to cause so many problems before he is destroyed, that most of mankind will also be destroyed with him @ Armageddon.

        If you want to know how you and your family can survive? Then contact me. 🙂

      • In America we have a saying “What goes around comes around” It warms my heart to see foreigners having the same plight as Americans. I think it is wonderful that people that came here on H1B to steal American jobs later have their jobs stolen. IT MAKES MY DAY TO HEAR IT IS FINALLY COMING FULL CIRCLE

  27. Ever since our Director was replaced by an Indian import, we have hired only Indians. I asked all the Indians that were hired how they found out about the job. They were told about the job from an Indian already working for us or they found it through an Indian recruiting agency. I found out we are not advertising the jobs to the general public on sites like monster.com. I also saw this racial preference in hiring when I was at paypal.

    • Serious question for those negatively affected here: I hate unions but I’ve been thinking maybe we need an IT union here to protect our jobs. Anyone have any ideas about how to start this or if it would fix the foreign worker issue? If IT is becoming a commodity and transforming into the blue collar jobs of the future then maybe we need to consider unionizing it. Otherwise we are completing relying on the govt and the ethics of companies

      In Germany most jobs are unionized and that’s why you don’t see workers being replaced at will for no good reason. It provides stability and job security. Please share your opinion and maybe we could connect offline. Twitter @ReelCoverage4U.

      • Very good point Jasmine. One reason why so many are now looking to savior Trump is because unions are so weak in the U.S. Trump is a capitalist and opportunist. The worst ally for the working class. I totally agree that stronger unions would not only protect jobs but also protect America from conmen like Trump.

    • Why don’t you post your name you chicken shit! I speak four languages and Melania Trump speaks even more what the hell does that mean? You only speak English because you were a British colony. They made you civilized! And many thanks to the person who explained the difference between our European ancestors who came to an open land and built it up and lost their lives in various battles to make Anerica what it is today, versus those coming here to suck our lives away and steal our jobs.

      • You idiot!I also speak four languages.Our earlier P.V.Narasimha Rao knew much more than Trump!Just read Indus valley civilization.Your language is one spoken by slum people.Your European ancestors were ROBBERS/CRIMINALS/BARBARIANS.They wiped the culture in America/Australia/Africa.Your ancestors were rogues!I have given my name.What the hell you can do me!

      • Meliana is not us -born you. it shows you are an educated illiterate. you don’t know anything about Indian’s versatile knowledge, why are doing stealing yoga, math and what not. your ancestors didn’t come to open land and build- they came killed the people who fed them. Shame on you. it will be a sin to even look at some racist comments

      • I do not support the tactics of the IT companies who are misusing the visas. I believe in America for the Americans, first. That said, let me address Jasmine’s comment.
        Her comment shocked me. India was one of the richest countries in the world until the British came. The British committed genocide, destroyed our country, stole our riches, replaced our local products with theirs. They destroyed the economy. The most intelligent, brightest people were picked out by the British and murdered, thousands of them. This is a setback to any society as this went on for over a hundred years. They were barbarians just like the early Europeans were.
        Indians were rich culturally and very civilized. Far more than the British. After our culture was destroyed, our riches stolen, we are somehow limping back. We are trying hard to get back what we lost.
        I am proud to be an Indian. We have never done to any country what the early Europeans have done to the native american population or the aborigines in Australia. We would have met the same fate, if we had not fought for our independence. Frankly I have no respect for the early Europeans. Everything cannot be measured by wealth.

  28. Not sure what you’re rambling about there. Or how American Indians or native Americans got entangled into this conversation. I’m talking about American citizens vs foreigners on work visas who never leave. In this case we are discussing workers from India taking IT jobs from Anerican citizens on our own soil then bringing in their families their parents theirs siblings etc and so one visa can result in 20-50 soon to be legal residents or citizens. It’s a well known fact that over population results on poverty and America takes faaaar more than it’s share of foreigners. We are now finally see the negative effects of that. Every country needs and does put the best interests of its citizens first. That is NOT racism. Stop throwing out the word racism like the more you use it, the more meaning it will have. Britain was not being racist when they voted for Brexit. No it was because they had enough with foreigners taking their jobs and overcrowding their country. More people means higher rent and higher home prices, leading in extreme cases to a rise in crime and homelessness pollution and poverty. I’ve traveled and lived in several countries. I’ve been around and speak from personal knowledge.

    • As a begining all the illegal imigrants (I mean those White Americans who came by May Flower,killing local Native Americans there by destroying there culture) may pack there bags to Europe and show the way.Native Americans will be happy!

      • I don’t know why you are showing your ego here. As Indians we both know “it is difficult to make someone understand something when their life depends on not understanding it”.

        In my years of experience working with US IT companies, I can testify 99.9% Indians and specifically south Indians [read Telugu from Andhra Pradesh and Tamils from Chennai) are fraud, they get hired because they have manager from same region who prefers to hire people from his or her native region. All education, work experience, resume is fake, no work is delivered and gullible US executives are made fool in guise of savings (which never happens in reality). Americans are harming their country by not coming out heavily against H1B, L1 visa and EB1C green card abuse.

        America is not getting people from top Indian institutes but getting fake fraudsters who won’t get hired in India. There are hundreds and thousands of one man shops in Edison, New Jersey, California etc where South Indian file H1B visas using fake pay stubs, fake resume, fake degrees, fake experience letters and Americans don’t get it. Indians have this unique ability to show ego, aggression, engage in name calling and Indians are believers in snatching and taking everything for oneself and family, yes, they are emotional but only for themselves, when it comes to viewing plight of others, South Indians act like tough and shrewd criminals.

        I can tell you this fraud won’t go for ever, Trump will stop it and Americans should request Trump to stop H1B, L1 visa and EB1C green card abuse. It is impossible for country to sustain this kind of fraud for ever, may be personally you can make some money and retire in India or will manage green card through one of the tricks (in South Indians play book) but at least don’t spray salt on wounds of Americans by propagating lies.

        Americans created jobs in India, Coke, Pepsi created jobs, people like you steal livelihood of Americans and everyone in IT is replaceable so don’t start arguing about taxes (you snatched job from someone who was paying taxes already).

        You should be ashamed of yourself for all fraudulent acts you committed on H1B. More shame on you for lying to Americans. If you were before me then I could have tested what your real skill set is and would have reported you to senior management and appropriate authorities for forging paper work and lies to gain employment. US legal system still works and everybody should follow legal system of land. Indian companies are exploiting legal loopholes.

        Americans should stop training their South Indian replacements and file court cases against each fraudster, also they should start reporting each fraudster individual and company (Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Mphasis, HCL etc) to equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC). I did it personally three times and my concerns were fully addressed. Also you can’t silence dissent because free speech is right in USA, it is not India where bunch of hooligans can threaten someone to submission. Please don’t spoil this country.

        I request everybody to read;

        The rise of South Indians: Invisible dimension in decline of jobs for Americans in US economy


      • Thanks RK Sharma for all of that. Enlightening and very out spoken. Another advantage that companies like infosys TCS etc have is they are implementation partners for Apple Microsoft and many other US companies. Accenture too, for example, is an Apple implementation partner but appears to be dominated by Indian consultants even though it’s an American firm. As implementation partners they get to place their own people at Apple. In fact the interviewer managers at Apple for these software application jobs are also Indians so I don’t know how Americans can get jobs there anymore! Without the government doing something we shall lose our big IT companies to Indians.

        So yes I agree everyone should be emailing writing tweeting or otherwise calling their congressmen thr DOJ the EEOC etc or filing lawsuits. Contact Sarah Blackwell who filed the lawsuit against Disney for wrongful termination. You can still file for injunctive relief even if you can’t collect money.


        Sara Blackwell
        The Blackwell Firm

  29. True color of some people whom Indian think are nice are not nice and thier racial discrimination is depicted clearly. Indians and Chinese can be very proud for always taking high road and tolerant

  30. Everyone should stop whining about other people taking jobs. first you need understand the history of h1b visas, there was a skill-set gap in 1990’s. when companies layoff people, they don’t look at the race and they don’t say- you are an Indian you get to stay, you are American – please leave. wherever the companies get resource with high quality they will hire them. the problem I see in the usa high college cost, instead of fighting with highly skilled and educated people , try to fight to reduce college fee to open the door for global competition. FYI – indian companies started hiring – particularly highly skilled Americans / American managers long time ago. people who are not keeping up with the market always blame h1b. if you same apple with same configuration in amazon or walmart for 100$ and 900$ in best buy, where would you go?
    improve skills, get ready for global competition

    • Another clueless person. Maybe you should read other people’s replies first before you post here. I’m a PhD and two time Masters in both business and tech. From IVY league American universities. I’ve never had problems getting IT work. I had a great three figure job. I was replaced by an Indian on H1-b visa with less than half the experience. Arrogant liar who took credit for my work and was chastised twice for it. They never gave me an option to take a lower pay or relocate. I was severed but all the Indians there 99% of the IT work force remained including the incomplete liar. Only white people were laid off including senior managers and one IT white director. Many of these Indians were NOT doing any work! I was highly valuable but the company’s director is an Indian making at least $250k per Annum. I could not sue because I released them of liability so I could collect my pay. See same at Disney Qualcomm Illumina Thermo Fisher Scientific Microsoft and many more. Google and read. Stop citing myths about Americans being uneducated or lazy or corporate greed. There are Indian companies like Infosys Wipro etc which were investigated by the DOJ that wholesale workers from India. The end client doesn’t get cheap labor but these third part contracting Indian firms make a big margin on the difference in the rate they charge American companies and the pay they give these workers

      Beware though! Those who believe that this is good for America remember this: These Indians work for a few years then get green cards in 3 to 5 years and then they are able to negotiate higher salaries and hourly rates. They r free to move around They bring their spouses and parents and siblings here. They have babies who automatically become citizens – no other country is dumb enough to do that except maybe Mexico. Their kids get free education and can become presidents! Holly crap! Just because their mother was here as the spouse of a temporary worker their kids automatically get the full rights of a US citizen?!?! I challenge anyone to name a civilized or even a third world country in the Middle East or Far East that does that!

      Now their kids can become politicians – and they do – or lawyers or business people or executives or even movie stars. No job is safe when we flood our country with immigrants. All countries put their nationals first. Try getting a work visa in Germany for example. Good luck! And even then there is no path to citizenship unless you marry a national. If your kids r born there they will not get a citizenship. Same for all the Middle East Kuwait employs lots of foreigners but never gives out permanent residency or citizenship unless you’re a woman who marries a Kuwaiti man Same for Saudi Arabia Egypt etc.

      If we are losing our jobs and not finding new ones, think, PEOPLE, how much worse it will get for your kids and grandkids. When America was still new and there was much empty land and a need for settlers, immigrants were welcome. Today we have enough residents and need to make room for future generations. Immigration in this country needs to be completely reformed. Trump team recognizes this. One thing I can definitely say in his favor. He is savvy and willing to fix this country regardless of whether you like him or not.

      Since when did we become such an apologetic pathetic nation that we have to apologize for putting our nationals first?

      • Where are you from? Your parents were red indians.sorry you don’t like to see the word “Indian”. We’re you from native American Heritage? This racism is not good. I understand the tough life in America without job, but pls understand most of the people prefer to go back, that’s the reason they don’t even apply for GC first few years. Also I guess you are not aware of gc process. It takes more than 12 yrs. Why to leave parents siblings functions and live alone like an orphan. Stop your aggression and try to see the other side of the fence after all everyone is a human being. I see complaints about indians accepting low wage. The reason is we are not totally aware of the billing as clients are not revealing billing rate to contractors, when we know all the details it is too late. The culprits are greedy companies. The same situation will impact Indian us citizens as well. If everyone follows your logic, us will be not have this much human population, not sure how many native Americans are around .let us all pack our bags and go back to our ancestors place.

      • Actually this is totally different from the immigration from Europe to this country BEFORE ANYTHING HAD BEEN DEVELOPED HERE ?

        Did the Native American Indians have jobs in their village that were taken away? No.

        Now granted they were forced out of their lands by the influx of Europeans, but that was by a CONQUERING FORCE, not by their own Government allowing the top 1% of their own countrymen forcing them to give their employment to foreign invaders ?

        Are you a conquering force that has moved here to invade and destroy American Life’s? Or do you say that you are peaceful people merely wanting to immigrate as others did for centuries building life’s for themselves and their families FROM SCRATCH AND STARTING SOMETHING NEW ON THEIR OWN?

      • Hi.

        First of all, I’m extremely sorry that you have lost your job to Indians.

        I’m an Indian student currently in the US on an F1 visa; I’m a Master’s student in computer science.

        I became interested in programming when I saw my [substantially] older sister programming. She was making some sort of small game using code, and all that seemed fascinating to me. I was a small kid back then; it was over 10 years ago.

        Eventually, I decided to study more on programming and computer science in general. I got my undergrad education in CS from a good university in India. After I graduated, I decided that I want to study more; you know, get a master’s degree. I also decided that I shall study abroad, as that would give me a bit more exposure. Besides, idea of living abroad for a few years was enticing.

        I applied to several universities in Europe and US, and eventually decided to attend a university in US where I got accepted into (mind you, it’s not ivy league). I hope you don’t mind me studying in USA. USA has relatively good universities (compared to where I come from), and that’s why I chose to come here. Indeed, my education here has been exciting so far, and I have learnt a lot of new and interesting things.

        What I’m trying to say is, I decided to study in the US for my love of programming and computer science; to improve myself and my craft.

        I totally understand the frustrations you have gone through because of Indians stealing jobs from the American people. I’m ashamed. On behalf of all the Indians, I apologize for all the problems my fellow countrymen have caused to you and the Americans in general.

        And, I assure you Jasmine, I will leave the United States and go back to India the very next day after I graduate. Yep, you heard me right. I don’t want to be working in the US when people who actually do belong in America are jobless. I genuinely feel bad.

        That’s the least I can do for you 🙂

        (At the moment I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do once I go back to India, but I’ll find my way. I always have 🙂 ).

        I have no bad feelings against you or any other American. As a matter of fact, I consider the Americans among the smartest people on earth today. And I’m fully aware of all the great new inventions and technologies America has created that benefit everyone in the world. To cite a few examples, I think Apple devices are beautiful, and Tesla (car company) is a true engineering marvel. I do hope I’ll be able to afford a Tesla Model S one day (or whichever car is in the cutting edge by the time I make that much money). And then there are other companies like Google, without which the world-wide-web would have been an entirely different place.

        (To non-US readers: yes, people from other countries are smart too, and yes, people from other countries have come up with interesting inventions as well. Let’s not argue. Every person and every invention is great.

        And, it does not really matter who the current CEO of Google is; the original idea for Google’s search algorithm came up in two great American’s heads).

        Once again, I apologize for all the problems my fellow countrymen have caused you. Now, I’m a mere mortal human have no control over what the rest of the Indians do, but I can tell you this: I wouldn’t be the one who would be stealing American’s jobs; I wouldn’t work in US, and neither I would I work in India for jobs that are outsourced from US. Like I said, I’ll find my way; find something to do that does not involve disturbing the American economy. Perhaps I’ll work for the development and progress of India; lots of things to be done in that area.

        I would also like to invite you to visit India one day in the future. Perhaps with your family. Sure, it’s not as scenic and gorgeous as most other tourist-destinations in the world, but it will nevertheless be a different experience. I admit India still has its own share of problems, but we are slowly and surely improving. India is nice in its own unique way.

        I do pray you’ll find a new desirable job soon (if you haven’t already).

        Not all Indians are bad people. Peace 🙂

      • Thank you young man for a well written and well thought out response! I’m sure you’ll excel in India one day and maybe create your own successful company there and employ lots of the best skilled talent India has to offer.

        The world is better off when well educated people return to their countries and use that knowledge to create jobs and better their country. Very best to you! Wsh there were more people like you! 👍And thanks again for you’re kind words about the US and US universities. 😄

      • “Try getting a work visa in Germany for example. Good luck! And even then there is no path to citizenship unless you marry a national. ”

        I was able to get a work visa in Germany and Canada – the difference is that those countries are VERY STRICT about who they hire and why. It is interesting that I was able to get good IT positions in these 2 countries (who have more stringent rules/regulations) while having difficulty securing a position in the US (the country I was born in).

  31. You’re an Indian of course and everything you said is a load of rubbish not even worth reading much less responding to. Stop wasting everyone’s time here but Thanks for making our point that you should all leave our country! Your lies, attitude & ungratefulness are far worse than the economic injury you’ve caused us. Go back to your country!

  32. I have been a software developer for 20 years and have lost 3 jobs to H1-b and offshoring to India. This whole situation sucks. I wish I went into a different job field. In the last 5 years I have had to work with H1-b indians here in america and offshore India. Then we always have to train them and get them caught up. Also, have to deal with Indians in management that want to hire more indians even if we have to train them. It’s sick. Hiring unqualified people from India and training them. One young girl from india was paid as a intern. They dare not speak out because the want to stay. Indian is not giving visas and jobs to americans. This is all bad for the united states in the long run. The H1-b program should be completely stopped for IT until it is revamped to avoid the abuses that we have seen.

    • My experience precisely! Can’t find an IT job anymore for two years even though I’m actually functional. Meaning I’m on the business side of IT than on the programming side but that too has long gone to Indians gradually over the last 10 years

      I ask everyone to PLEASE write to Jeff Sessions and congress and the senate. Sessions has spoken out on this on the past. We just need to tell them to move faster and how bad it is.

      Also Tweet reminders on a regular basis. Blog about this everyday and write to newspaper editors. Feel free to follow me on twitter at:


      Together we can beat this before it’s too late. In another 10 years if things don’t change even our kids will not find jobs. I would never encourage my kids to study computer sciences or engineering anymore! How sad is that!

      • The people who loose jobs to H1B/Out sourcing are mostly Application Software Engineers.Application software can be written by High School students.No Engineering knowledge is required.I have interviewed many Indians who had studied in UK/Australia/Germany/Switzerland etc for my wireless job in India.I rejected them ALL but selected locally studied Indians.There are many useless US Universities where the quality of education is lowThose who have lost jobs must have studied those useless universities by paying 30-40k/year.They lack mathematics.They can NOT invent.They are NOT fit for CORE jobs.Think of a pramid.At the top(Highest salary) very few only allowed.These useless Americans certainly can NOT be in top.They have to come to bottom.My advice to them be prepared to work for 10k/anumn.Then ONLY you will NOT loose your job.
        Even if Trump prevents H1B US corporate totally out source because there is atleast 10:1 advantage if NOT more.The money belongs to corporate.They have hard earned it.It is NOT Trump’s money.There is nothing wrong in doing Engineering.The problem is not being to able to do CORE jobs! I hope Americans will understand this.Either try to invent and sit in the top of the pramid or come to bottom.There is a message.The future of you guys is going to be worse no matter what Trump does.Inverted pramid is un stable!

      • So, you are one of these educated Indians? Your spelling is horrendous… And you are criticizing Americans? Please give me a break… If it wasn’t for crooked and corrupt Americans like Gates, Ellison, and Stupidburg… this problem would have never happened… The system is rigged and everyone is doomed.. This problem is too big for HUMANS to fix…

        And the real reason is because Satan the Devil is running the whole thing … But not for long. He and everyone on his side is going to soon be destroyed by Jesus riding in a victorious battle to rid the earth of corruption, evil, self-interest, and out and out selfishness forever….

      • V.Muralidharan is right in the sense that there are simply more and more lower-skilled jobs in the IT sector. Has to do with increasing standardization of knowledge work. Trump will not change that larger trend with any policy. Protectionism will only work if either (1) more American IT workers are willing to work for less, or (2) buyers are willing to pay more for ‘American’ products. And certainly those buyers will need to come from the U.S. because internationally the trend towards standardization and low-cost alternatives to premium products will continue. And all this is not about ‘the Indians’ stealing jobs. Even if Indians ‘go home’ this does not change the basic problem: international competitiveness of American products. It’s not about Indians vs. Americans: it’s economics! If anything, the real ‘enemy’ is capitalism combined with technological advances and global competition.

    • The author is this article “Impact of H1B Visas” is an Indian who atleast claims that he has intellectual consistency to cite what is wrong with the H1B and TN Visas system. 64% of the H1B visas go to Level 1 workers who are barely minimally competent. It is clear that the visa system is being abused. Here is the link for all. Go to the GAO report section and read the analysis which is eye opening. Even Canadians are abusing our visa system and flooding our country with job applications when Americans are available for these jobs

    • Thanks for the interesting link. I did not know that TN visas are also avenues for massive abuse. Somewhat shocking that while we are focussed on H1B’s, no one is looking at the TN visas.

    • The real problem that people don’t grasp … is that corporations are more frequently multi-national… They don’t care which people they take advantage of…. They also don’t care if more people are marginalized and forced to live on Social Security or some other government subsidy… No matter what country they live in…

      The basic reality is these corporations have woven their products into the fabric of every nation in the world… Developing nations have more room for growth as they each strive for an imitation of the so called “American Dream”

      More consumers to buy the products of these multi-national corporations…
      Since these corporations view themselves as individuals with the same rights of any other “HUMAN” person… they can justify their actions as to they are providing for their family!!!

      Their family of subsidiary “NON HUMAN” person’s…..

      It’s really quite disgusting really…..

  33. In a globalized world, the market forces will ensure that material and labor are at an equilibrium that supports maximum efficiency. Any move to introduce imbalance in this equilibrium will be counterproductive as the market will move in a direction to correct itself.
    The IT consulting Jobs are commoditized and hence, do not command a premium in the market.

    1. If Trump decides to raise the H1B salaries above a certain threshold (as per the latest bill) USD 130k per annum (ie. impose a high premium), to protect profits the companies will offshore the jobs.
    Even if Trump applies 100% border tax, it will still be profitable to offshore.
    Sample this, a senior engineer/database admin in US costs about USD 70-100/hr. In India/China, it costs about USD20-25/hr to max. USD 30/hr.

    2. Currently, India is the 3rd largest economy in the world (by PPP calculation) at USD 8Trillion and 7th (by nominal GDP) at USD 2.25 Trillion.
    Also, India is the 10th largest trading partner of the US and the largest importer of arms in the world.
    Any unwarranted disadvantage presented to its companies will definitely result in trade retaliation when will hurt US workers employed in high wage industry like Aerospace, Pharma, gems/precious stones. This is a scenario Trump will definitely want to avoid.

    Hence, the pragmatic solution for labor in US will be to develop premium skillsets that cannot be offshored/replaced and that command a premium in the market.

    • Sorry you’re wrong! First haven’t worked in IT fior more than 20 years I know what I’m talking about. The jobs we lose her are NOT the kind of jobs that can be outsourced because they require people on site working with the business, holding face to face meetings, interacting and even sitting down with the business e.g. Corporate finance or sales and distribution workers based in the US. Programming jobs are already outsourced mostly

      Second Indians were not born with IT knowledge and they ARE a third works country that has lagged behind most civilized countries for centuries. They were trained in their own countries when they were hired by US or other foreign firms or when large scale implementations such as of SAP were done there. US did the same so did South Africa fir example. Back in the 1990s South Africans dominated the SAP market in the US for example – not because they are smarter or better than us but because they received adequate training in their country then came here. Since 2005 or so the same has been happening with Indians and US companies have become to desperate and short sighted to train their own people or hire entry level folk.

      Third you’re logic is clearly contradicted by the fact that there are a ton of companies that laid off their IS employees and forced them to train Indians to take their jobs! These Americans were never given an option to accept a lower salary! See what companies like Disney and Illumina and Thermo Fisher Scientific and Qualcomm have done for example.

      “What seemed to enrage many about these two situations was the added ignominy that these fired workers had to suffer when they were made to train their Indian counterparts lest they lose out on their severance pay.”. I for example was forced to sign a release form to get my severance. I was more valuable and more productive than the h1-b visa young Indian who actually tried to take credit for my work and should in fact have been fired. But I was laid off and he stayed!!! Enough said! You’re obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re citing myths and classic text book logic that doesn’t apply here.

      Read these articles and educate yourself




      I encourage everyone on here to contact your congressmen and senators and even Trimp because he recognizes this problem too and put pressure on them to address this issue quickly. We are the greatest country on earth India is a third world country. We are way better than them!

      • I think you are generalising way too much here, basing your claims only on your own experience, which, in fact may be a genuine situation you faced.

        But it largely doesn’t seem to be the case that Indians are incompetent when it comes to IT work. Whatever said, IT processes in organisations have not been affected. Otherwise, US companies would have fired their IT service providers long ago.

        But regardless of what you think is ideal, IT work is actually quite replaceable and doesn’t justify a 130k salary. So to me, it seems ridiculous to expect companies to pay such high salaries for IT work. If these companies can’t get cost efficient H1Bs to do the job, they will simply outsource these jobs to other countries.

  34. Hi folks. Thanks for reading my blog and making comments. A few observations: Some of you have used racist language against Indians, almost ‘accusing’ them of ‘stealing’ American jobs. Of course you are entitled to your own opinion – and I do understand the anger of people who lost their jobs – but please note that I disapprove, as the author of this blog, of racism of any kind. If you read my blog carefully you will notice that I do not make any normative judgments here, nor do I accuse anybody. I just analyze the situation as it is. Of course people from India (like people from the U.S.) will exploit opportunities presented to them. My main point is that in a world were skills are globally distributed an instrument like H1B becomes very tricky. Neither cutting nor expanding the program will change the fact that companies will try to pay as little as possible for the same type of work. Only if people get retrained in a way that makes jobs less replaceable this might create a lasting solution. In my opinion Trump’s protectionism is very short-sighted and does not solve the skill/cost problem. I hope this little comment clarifies my position here. Again, thanks for your comments.

    • I really believe that it’s as others said… too late… all of the corporations that have taken advantage of people in the US to build their markets do not care about the ones that helped them to build it ….

      (2 Timothy 3:1-7) 3 But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, 4 betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5 having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power; and from these turn away. 6 From among these arise men who slyly work their way into households and captivate weak women loaded down with sins, led by various desires, 7 always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth.

      Folks this is not a world of Love.. It’s a world of Greed, Hate, corruption, etc…

      Of course it has to be!

      (1 John 5:19) 19 …, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.

      (Revelation 21:3, 4) 3 With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his people. And God himself will be with them. 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

      (Matthew 24:11-14) 11 Many false prophets will arise and mislead many; 12 and because of the increasing of lawlessness, the love of the greater number will grow cold. 13 But the one who has endured to the end will be saved. 14 And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.

      So we can’t and shouldn’t try to fix this world.. It belongs to Satan the Devil…. So if we are on the side of trying to FIX HIS WORLD… WE ARE ACTUALLY HELPING THE DEVIL…


      • Dude, something serious is being discussed here. This certainly doesn’t look like a place to disseminate biblical prophecies. 😛

      • Excuse me “DUDE” if you don’t think the end of people’s lives is serious?? Then why would you think a JOB is more serious??

        Don’t worry you probably wouldn’t understand, no matter how much evidence you were given anyway.

  35. Damage to America has already been done. Many of my fellow Americans are realizing this massive Indian takeover of our jobs now. However, it’s already too late. Every big company i worked or visited recently I bumped into Indian(s) in every step of the way. It is very hard to survive in a job environment where 85% workers are Indians. In one of the inter company conference call I attended I was the only non-Indian. Many times the Indians attending the conference call were speaking in Hindi – their native language. I felt like I was sitting somewhere in India, not here in America. Indians help Indians every time and all the time enhancing their image to the manager. However, if I ever had to take any help from the Indians they will help. However, that Indian person who helped eventually told our Manager that he had to answer some simple question I had. To my manager I became stupid since I ask “SIMPLE” question (even though the questions i asked are not simple) and he (the indian) is very very smart since every question anyone ask is “SIMPLE” to him.

  36. I have been employed in the technology field since the early 70’s. Back in those days people employed in this this field were well respected as professionals and compensated as such. With the importation of the H1B Visa employee IT Firms were able to reach record profits while paying lower wages. What has transpired over time was that many of the IT Consulting firms specially in the Tri-State area were either acquired by Indian Companies or folded up as being unable to compete in the market with US IT Staff. I for one can attest that great number of IT recruiting is done from India using tie lines. The salaries in this industry have fallen to unbelievable low levels.

    Back in the 1970’s as a main frame programmers is was being compensated 70 to 80 an hour. Now some 40 plus years later as a senior IT manager the Indian firms want to pay me 60 to 70 an hour to manage multi million dollar projects with large staff.

    This practice of expanding H1B labor in technical fields has destroyed the It market giving way to much of the industry being controlled by foreign owned firms with foreign labor. i would be willing to speak with you on this subject as I was interviewed by Computerworld many years ago when I saw this coming.

    • In essence, you expect that companies should pay way higher for IT services than what they can get done otherwise.

      Who will pay for the resultant loss of corporate tax, private investments and the decreased competitiveness of American companies?

  37. I agree… “There All Indians”! What the heck …. I wish that who ever is contributing, supporting, and created this would donate “Their” job to an Indian. I need a Job. An IT job!

  38. This post is in reply V.Muhad… If Indians invented Yoga, then why don’t you all use it??? About every Indian I’ve met the past 20 years are hot tempered and always act like they woke up on the wrong side of the bed or with a very cold attitude. My Indian Calculus professor Adam Dowla from Atlanta was most of the time hot tempered with his ” I ALREADY TOLD YOU!!!” yelling at the class. Then, I worked at Indian IT company in Atlanta called American Megatrends. About every Indian that I would pass by I would say Good Morning but many would not reply back or reply with very low good morning but with an angry or cold face.

    I also avoid gas stations with Indians working there because most of them have a ‘Hurry up and buy!” face. Most of the don’t even greet a customer.

    • And they STINK! Most cheap motels now are run by Indian families. Hold your nose if you must stay there! They’re not friendly at all only with each other and seem to think it’s wrong to have a conversation with a woman! One Indian tried to claim my work with his. The audacity considering he was a new hire on h1-b visa!

  39. Thanks so much for this article. It is so sad that not much attention is being put on this problem. I’ve always been mad that not even conservative talk radio like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, etc never talk about this issue…the focus has been so much on Hispanic illegal immigration!! While that kind of immigration may affect low wage jobs, IT jobs are what feed the middle class..why is there not so much outrage about this??? I wrote to my Congressman Jim Demint from South Carolina protesting what was happening in a local IT company I worked for where I got laid off..I wrote a page long letter about how my colleagues and I were getting replaced by Indians. All he replied was with a few sentences saying “..this needs to happen in order for America to stay competitive” BS!! And funny at the same time he is outspoken against illegal immigration.

    • Yes BS!! Companies can easily train Americans the same way these Asshole smelly Indians were trained in their country. I mean they weren’t born with knowledge! Further I thought America was the great one and India a third world country. Since when do we need them? Trump is right about one thing. America is NO longer Great the way it once was!

  40. I’ve worked in IT specifically SAP for 20 years. The only solution is to suspend the H1-b visa program and companies will be forced to train their staff, new hires and interns. Even if some jobs are outsourced they will come back eventually when we have skilled local workers who have better communication and on site presence to replace the off shore folks. Also companies can’t offshore jobs that require daily hands on interaction and excellent communication skills, such as functional vs programming IT staff. Plus off shoring does not create a plethora of people applying and getting green cards and citizenship for them and their families causing lower standard of living and then having to bring in more people to replace them etc etc. I’ll take out sourcing any day over bringing them here and then letting them stay forever!

  41. I have been watching the health care recoup company I work for turn Indian over the 4 years I have been here. Over the last year, it has accelerated. Very few native born Americans work here. I particularly have noticed to very young new hires the IT Director hired recently. I caught him chatting with them privately on several occasions. They are so young and inexperienced, its obviously sometime of payback. Shame American companies and politicians do not do something to help American youth.

    • In case you and everyone else that hates what is going on haven’t noticed? This is a plan put in place with the help of Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs, and every other CEO in the US.

      Some kind of deal has been made to take Americans out of the IT equation.

      They do not want Americans involved in their schemes… What can be done about it?

    • They are ALL Indians!! Wasn’t like that in 2004 or even 2005. In just 5 or so years they’ve taken over ..now they control all the IT companies including Google Apple etc. what will happen in another 10 years? There are 1.3 billion Indians in India what will happen when many of them come here? It’s turning into a third world country alright. Also note that Philippinos and South Koreans are getting into IT here as well.

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