Don’t Listen to Economists

By Julie A. Nelson.

According to a recent New York Times article, the Primark retailing group, based in the UK and Ireland, is stepping up to the plate to aid the families of the killed and injured in last year’s Tazreen Fashion factory fire in Bangladesh. The company claims to have already delivered $3.2 million in assistance, and a spokesperson says simply “you take responsibility for the results of where your clothes are being made.” Meanwhile, however, WalMart, Sears, and other U.S. companies that were also supplied by the factory have declined to contribute to efforts to aid the victims. What gives?

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Good Cop Bad Cop: Corporate Political Strategy in the Porn Industry

By David Levy and Gail Dines.

California, the hub of the global porn industry, is considering regulations that would mandate not only the use of condoms during production shoots but also protective eyewear. Back in November 2012, voters approved Measure B in Los Angeles County, a ballot measure requiring condom use, despite strong industry lobbying against it. As part of this campaign, the industry promoted a satirical video suggesting that safety goggles and protective headgear would be next if the measure passed. But the health and safety issues affecting workers in the industry are not funny at all, given the nature of porn practices and the widespread presence of bodily fluids and fecal matter on production sets. The high prevalence of STDs and a recent outbreak of AIDS among porn performers highlights the seriousness of the situation, and after years of neglecting the health issues in this sector, OSHA is finally becoming more active.

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Nurse, Event Planner, PR Specialist: The ‘Sweat Jobs’ of the Future?

By Stephan Manning.

If the latest report of the US Department of Labor is right then three of the fastest growing jobs in the U.S. from 2010 to 2020 are nursing (30% growth), event planning (44% growth) and public relations (23% growth). But will increasing demand also result in decent pay? Today’s salary statistics suggest otherwise. According to CNNMoney and other sources, all three jobs yield around $50k annual pay on average, which seems fairly low if there is such a high demand. Not even to mention the long hours and physical, social and emotional stress nursing, event and public relations management often involves. But why is there such a gap between importance and attractiveness of these professional domains? What makes these dream jobs on paper often ‘sweat jobs’ in reality?

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