PhD and MBA Degree Programs at UMass Boston, College of Management

The Organizations and Social Change (OSC) group in the College of Management, UMass Boston, is engaged in a number of educational programs:

PhD in Business Administration, Organizations and Social Change Track

This program prepares students to be active academics and leaders of organizations who can meet complex, global challenges at the intersection of business, management, and society, such as sustainability, workforce diversity, economic development, and globalization. Faculty have diverse backgrounds and interests, including political economy, feminism, business ethics, social entrepreneurship, and social networks.

MBA (Masters in Business Administration)

The AACSB-accredited MBA can be taken full or part-time, and offers a very flexible program with a mix of daytime, evening, and online courses. OSC faculty teach some of the core classes and are particularly engaged in several specializations including:

Environmental Management
Nonprofit Management
Healthcare Management
Human Resource Management
International Management
Leadership and Organizational Change

MSIM (Master Science in International Management)

The Masters in International Management covers topics such as globalization, outsourcing, economic development, the influence of multinational corporations, cross-cultural management, and the relationship between international politics and markets.

Programs in Sustainability and Clean Energy

The College of Management, in conjunction with the School for Environment, offers a range of educational programs, including:

Graduate Certificate in Clean Energy and Sustainability
MBA Specialization in Environmental Management
Professional Science MS in Environmental Sciences
Undergraduate Minor in Clean Energy and Sustainability
Undergraduate Certificate in Clean Energy and Sustainability

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