Hire U.S. Labor and Bangalore CEOs to make America great again!

Guest Post by Anonymous Trump Fan.

Greetings, dear Americans! As our new President appears and promises to change this system and make America great again, it’s time we look at one of the things he could do to really make America great, and it’s in his specialty, business.

Indian CEO and Caucasian executive having business handshake in front of city skyline

Hire U.S. Labor but also hire the Indian guy in the striped tie – he’s more economic than your CEOs!

Business has a guiding idea called Shareholder Value Maximization. It sounds fancy but it simply means that a business must create the maximum amount of value (in this case, stock prices) for its shareholders, who all have ownership of company stock and, therefore, own the company. This principle is the heart and soul of Management 101, so, why do none of the people in charge of the show give a damn about actually following it?

Allow me to explain. At present, U.S. businesses operate on a system of paying their CEOs and top executives extremely high salaries, bonuses and stock options, with their Board of Directors happily staying on their side and granting these executives higher and higher annual pay. At the same time, worker wages have remained near-static since the 1970s, and worse, many of their manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to other countries – maybe sent to Bangalore. The profits from outsourcing have gone not towards increasing share prices, but towards fat executive salaries.

Even worse, leaving U.S. workers poor and unemployed has made their neighborhoods poor as well. Workers buy goods and services from their local communities, and their purchases turn into the income for other people in their community, who in turn spend some of that money within their community, and so on. This means that the same amount of money gets spent over more than once amongst the folks at home in what economists call the ‘multiplier’ effect. From the 1950s to the 1970s, this ‘pay American – spend American’ system made American neighborhoods some of the richest and happiest in the world. Today, however, that money is likely to go abroad to foreign manufacturers of luxury goods where the fat cats do their shopping. And what about rising share prices to give value to their owners, their shareholders? Too bad, buddy, you ain’t seein’ any of that – now leave me in peace so I can buy the right $20,000 Armani Suit for my next business meeting! While you’re at it, pay the welfare for those workers whose jobs I just outsourced, ‘cause flipping burgers and stocking shelves ain’t helping them pay their bills. Oh, and the police too, because I can’t be bothered to pay the police to arrest the homeless unemployed workers I threw out when I outsourced their jobs too.

Rigged system? You bet. If you think that workers should be American, should be paid more to make their communities great again, and shareholders shouldn’t have to pay the indirect costs of welfare or policing, you’d be absolutely right. But what about those Chief Executives? They believe that they’re being really smart and work really hard, so much so that they deserve to be paid thousands of times more than the hardworking guy on the factory floor – something that any hardworking, honest American worker can tell you is bullshit – and since their salaries are arranged in cahoots with their Board of Directors, they don’t need to really work for it, or compete with anyone else for it. Time to change that!

I mentioned Bangalore earlier, the city where U.S. computer workers and call centers are “Bangalored” or outsourced (Bangalore is getting “Manila-d” by Manila in the Philippines, but hey, what goes around comes around). It’s a city full of smart, intelligent executives, people who know a thing or two about the art of the deal and about international business. They are people who are highly competitive and who will do a lot of work for a much less than what you’d have to pay a fat, lazy, greedy CEO in the States. Now, businesses go shopping for CEOs and keep paying each new guy more and more (the Board of Directors, again), and going by how most of these CEOs lay off people, outsource them, or generally muck things up, they’re not really smart at anything except looking after themselves and paying themselves a little too well. Outsource these guys to Bangalore.

Yep, you heard me right. Outsource these CEOs to Bangalore, and save yourselves hundreds of millions of dollars with which to increase worker salaries. What’s that, you said? A CEO ain’t no good outside the boardroom? Hell, with high-speed internet and videoconferencing, you don’t even need a CEO in the boardroom! You could do what the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi did – come to meetings in a hologram! It worked like a charm for his election, after all, so why shouldn’t it work for anyone else? Go ahead, shareholders. Make your day. Maximize your value. Lobby President Trump to get your boards to fire those lazy, uncompetitive CEOs (“you’re fired”!). And then, replace them with Indian ones who are really smart and can be made to do more for much less, and who will stay under your control (much more efficient and effective, you see!). And use the remainder to pay yourselves and hardworking American workers more – you don’t have to worry about welfare or policing costs any longer, and all of America will be healthy, happy and great again!


9 thoughts on “Hire U.S. Labor and Bangalore CEOs to make America great again!

  1. In order to make America great again! There is one thing to take into consideration, which is very important and that is nothing else but diversity. Donald Trump’s mind is set on creating an atmosphere where only American talent should be on top, well Americans are very talented but every talent is different. For example, as the article talks about people in Bangladesh. They have great knowledge about IT and we need them in order to succeed in this industry. Empowering others for their qualities is one thing America is known for, this is one reason why people are attracted to this country. Every president has worked in some way to allow other people to explore their talent and bring them here from other countries. Diversity is an attraction and if Trump would take this from America, they will create a war between people. They will lack in business and other resources because people would no longer consider themselves safe here and govt. of other countries will stop trading with USA. Maximizing your value is a quality of a true Gem. This is a tactic of the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and it can help to win a lot of people. Trump should learn to maximize America’s value by hiring people who are intelligent and smart, who can do well for themselves and the country too. This will help to create a better atmosphere, a healthy and wealthy environment for all to enjoy!

  2. I like what you have wrote, I agree that CEO receive high salary comparing to any worker. But I don’t know why you want Bangalore people to work instead of Americans maybe because Asian people are workaholic. Trump wants American to owns high position instead of immigrants. I don’t think that Trump wants more immigrants after he has banned some countries to enter The United States.

  3. Even though there are a lot of negative comments against Donald Trump, I do believe that everyone deserve a chance to show his or her capability without judgement. As fancy as it may seem for the United States’ superficies, I think that there are numerous crises underlying. This post stated the current American economic point-blank. Though I might not agree with some points, this is a really interesting post to read.

  4. I cannot agree more with this post. We should keep the system and the idea of “pay American-spend American”, however companies have decided that their profit is more important than the idea of “pay american-spend American”. Outsourcing jobs have created this problem, companies provide so many jobs for many foreign markets and countries just because the wages and salaries are far lower compared to the US. When we outsource jobs, the salaries are paid by us to a foreign market, therefore, the money will be circulating and spent back in its own country.

    Also, like explained in the blog post, executives are being paid crazy high salaries. There is such a huge difference between the CEO, and the regular employees, you would be surprised. In an article linked, it was a NY Times article which stated, “The median compensation of a chief executive in 2013 was $13.9 million, up 9 percent from 2012”. While on the other hand, the average household income from the 2014 census was around $51,000. The numbers show exactly, how enormous the difference is; 13.9 million for ones salary compared to a household income (usually two working) with only $51,000. If this constantly continues, this will definitely create a huge gap between the wealthy and the poor. Income inequality will constantly increase, which may divide us Americans.

  5. From the statement above, I like the way you said that to maximizing the price of stock and increase money. However, their some point that if you hire international people like Bangalore people to work as CEO. American people who work under that person might be very hard to accept international people as their boss. As the new regulations from the new president, you can see that he wants American people to have more job. This will be hard for Bangalore people too because he/she might not be able to come and work due to the VISA status. So I think, the best way is hire local or if you really want to hire Bangalore, I think you might place that person work from lower part before become CEO. So that the person really show his/her ability.

  6. Why do we care so much about executive compensation? As you mentioned above, significant profits go for paying executives. For the public, the amounts that executives get paid seem high. However, most board of directors agree to pay them if the firms’ performance is increasing. Those well paid executives are mostly highly educated and must deal with a lot of complex issues than others for the companies operations. Beside the money they spent for their education, the time they spent on developing their social networks, and the abilities they spent to organize and manage the corporations should all be count toward to the executives’ contribution. On the other hand, executives are getting well paid is also meaning they are taking more risks. They are responsible for what they said and what they did….

  7. Your opening statement is very strong and fundamentally sound. Maximizing the price of stock and increasing money circulation through multiplier effect is in the best interest of the United States economy. However, I just cannot understand how you label massive salaries of executive staff and hiring immigrants as a problem. Did you make the assumption that most immigrants have executive roles in American owned corporations? If so, historical data would suggest that majority of the immigrants are at the bottom of the corporate chain. I would suggest more emphasis on the outsourcing issue, as I believe it really damages the US economy and local work force negatively.( particularly hidden costs of outsourcing)

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