Blogging Highlights: Inequality for All!?

This week’s recommendations relate to a fundamental problem which seems to become bigger rather than smaller – inequality. The review covers the two-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement, the new documentary “Inequality for All” with Robert Reich, and a forthcoming Human Relations special issue on Inequality.

Two-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street movement. On September 17 2011 the Occupy Movement started at Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park. Several articles discuss the legacy and potential future of the movement, including an article in BusinessWeek, and Is the movement dead? Or is the spirit still alive? Drake Bennett argues in “Occupy Wall Street is Dead, Long Live Occupy” that “Zuccotti Park may come back to life or not, but the discontent that drove it is still there, and it’s still combustible.” Another article on Huffington Post discusses the potential future of the movement, including an initiative called “Occu Evolve”, which has posted a number of upcoming events related to the second anniversary.

New documentary “Inequality for All” with Robert Reich. Beginning on September 27, the new documentary “Inequality for All” will start showing in over 40 cities in the U.S (see trailer on Youtube). It discusses how income inequality in the U.S. has risen to unprecedented highs over the last few decades, and what effects the increasing gap between rich and poor has on the economy and democracy. The film is presented by American economist, author, and former US Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich. It is directed by Jacob Kornbluth and won the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival (see Wikipedia entry).  The documentary is being discussed on several websites, including a brief introduction on Huffington Post and an extensive interview with Robert Reich on

Special issue on Inequality forthcoming in Human Relations. The topic of inequality will also be the focus of a Human Relations special issue, edited by Hari Bapuji (University of Manitoba, Canada), and OSC group member and co-editor of this blog Suhaib Riaz (UMass Boston). According to the Call for Papers, “this special issue focuses on the relation between economic inequality and management in organizations. Particularly, we are interested in (i) how economic inequality at the societal level affects management in organizations and (ii) how organizational practices influence economic inequality at the societal level.” The special issue is intended for publication in 2015.


One thought on “Blogging Highlights: Inequality for All!?

  1. What a powerful trailer for Inequality for All! I will definitely go see this in the theater. It’s amazing how critical we are of our economic distribution. I have to believe that there is a way for everyone to have a roof over their head and food on their tables. We landed on the moon for goodness sake!

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